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Baseball's Last Hero:




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Quest for Truth: An Exploration of Faith-healing and Exorcism is a documentary filmed at Richard Rossi's healing services he facilitated in his young adult years. His time in the world of faith healing was part of his creative journey in making "Canaan Land." Streaming version:





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Enjoy the award-considered music from "Canaan Land"

(Richard Rossi, Rebecca Holden, Others band):


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There are several versions and performances of the Canaan Land theme song written by Richard Rossi.


RR LIVE acoustic performance of CANAAN LAND title tune is on ITunes:


Sung by the Canaan Land cast LIVE film outtakes:

(Take 1):

 (Take 2):  


"Street Preaching Man" song from our movie CANAAN LAND (played during Billy's opening credits walk through Hollywood) now live on Apple Music to listen HERE:


"Santa Monica" Richard Rossi's song that plays on the dates of Billy and Sara is on ITunes:


RR song HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS from Canaan Land is on Apple Music, ITunes, etc...


Richard Rossi's song "Vagabond" (played at Brother Billy's lowest homeless moment) from CANAAN LAND is now on ITunes:


Richard Rossi's song "The Kingdom Is Near" the very last song heard in the end credits of "Canaan Land" is on ITunes:





Listen to the first end credits song "Much, Much, Greater Love" sung by Rebecca Holden and Grammy winner Jason Crabb HERE: 



"O Holy Night" by Rebecca Holden, listen HERE:


Rebecca Holden & Little Anthony

 "I Believe"


Others: LPs




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