CANAAN LAND...Coming soon to a theater near you!
CANAAN LAND...Coming soon to a theater near you!

Welcome to CANAAN LAND...

...a feature dramatic film about a consummate charismatic con man,

"Brother Billy" meeting "Sister Sara,"a female evangelist and singer who is a

sincere Christian.


Billy lost his faith but asks to get it back at Christmas time when he realizes his con game isn't a game anymore. The film is written & directed by Richard Rossi. To leave us a voicemail message or text, call 1-(818)-392-4372 YOU make the dream come true HERE:


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   Sometimes the greatest battle is          between flesh and spirit.
  A con man preacher falls for a   sincere Christian and discovers his   con game isn't a game anymore.
  The best amend is to change a life.
  The Spirit is Willing...But the Flesh      is Weak.
  A religious film for the rest of us.
  Even a con man can fall in love. Yes,    even a woman of God can stray   from   the path. Hellfire never burned  so   hot  as when they meet.
   A lost preacher finds faith.
  A religious film secular people like.
  What happens when a traumatized   Christian who is a talented showman   takes out his hurt and anger on Gods   people by swindling them? What   happens when he falls in love with a   woman who loves God and wants to   help people?

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